Sports Guards

With baseball season in full swing and lots of end of the year festivities, it’s so easy to get caught in our busy schedules. I encourage all my patients that play sports to look into getting a mouth-guard. Whether you have one made, make one at home, or go with a more generic style, it’s important to wear them with playing any sport. I’ve seen too many injuries to the mouth and teeth NOT to recommend one. Stores that carry mouth-guards range from Walmart, Dicks sporting goods, Omega sports and Hibbetts. Go ahead and grab one before it’s too late!

I have to also remind myself and my kids the risks of Gatorade and Powerade. Sports drinks are known to have the highest acid levels, which break down tooth enamel more frequently than even soda! Moderation of sports drinks is the key, as well as good brushing habits after drinking anything but water.

Now, let’s play some ball!