Trick or Treat…Trick or Treat…Give me something good to EAT!

Halloween is approaching us and deciding what your costume will be this year is top priority for many! Spider-man, Ana, Elsa, Ninja Turtles, (probably more) Elsa and Iron man (to name a few) will soon be roaming the neighborhoods for trick or treat fun.

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy things in life, and sometimes that includes an overload of CANDY! SO, here’s some tips on staying cavity free this Halloween season!

  1. Stay away from the sticky and crunchy candies, ESPECIALLY if you have braces or any dental appliances, as this could pull off brackets or pull out appliances.
  2. BRUSH and FLOSS before bed, really good!! Don’t give those sugar bugs a free home.
  3. Don’t snack on it throughout the day. Sugar and Acid attacks your teeth for 20 minutes after you think the food is gone, therefore you don’t want a constant battle in your mouth all day!
  4. If you can’t brush after snacking, see if you can rinse your mouth out with water, this can help remove free floating debris from attaching to your tooth
  5. There is an ongoing study about how if you eat something sugary or sweet, eating cheese afterwards can balance out the PH level in your mouth and stop the acid/sugar attacks. This is also another option if you can’t brush right away.

We hope everyone stays SAFE, and has a very Happy Halloween!

September’s Artist of the Month!

Miss Karis has been chosen to be this ┬ámonth’s Artist of the Month! Congratulations Karis! Karis really enjoys going to gymnastics, reading, playing with dolls, playing outside and going to church. Congratulations again, Karis, for being September’s Artist of the Month!